From a single site covering roughly 6,000 m2 housing strategic and design resources, Farfisa designs and develops new solutions and systems dedicated to video door entry system, communication, home automation and access control.

Daily and direct contact with international partners and with a global clientele imposes high quality standards, but also opens up precious operating contexts and development opportunities, which the company promptly exploits and values through the design of new products and services. Thanks to over 50 years of operating experience acquired worldwide in the civil, industrial and commercial sectors, Farfisa has an in-depth knowledge of any application and usage context of its systems. Extensive know-how and a range featuring a wide variety of installation options are the tools through which Farfisa offers its customers a comprehensive and solid partnership.

Aesthetic appeal, the study and adoption of new technical materials, and interaction with increasingly advanced technological platforms: Farfisa products always merge design, function and resistance to perfection: their industrial features and production character are rooted in FLEXIBILITY and INTEGRATION.

From technical functions designed for blocks of flats with many users, to increasingly advanced industrial necessities, from Internet communication to ensure “total mobility and security” of communication needs to ergonomic and distinctly shaped products that blend into varied and specified environments and furnishings: every fibre of the company is geared towards satisfying customers and strengthening the company’s international leadership, aided by considerable investments and a research-oriented approach.

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