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Audio module on Alba range with electrical door speaker integrated in 3G technology and ready for max 4 calls in double button mode. The call is made by the external panel by using the mobile net (a nano SIM card is necessary but not included) and can be sent to max 3 fixed or mobile telephone numbers, programmable in sequence for each call button. Up to 2 ouputs through the provided relays can be managed separately, for example for a pedestrian door and a gate for vehicles. This item is the ideal solution for an installation without distance limit between external panel and internal station, absolutely without cabling. It can be connected through Alba bus to CT2138AB button module, with total 68 buttons or through digital keypad PD2100AB and/or display DD2140AB for up to 200 users. 2 alarm entrances. Function "calling number recognition for door lock opening (CLIP) through call or SMS for all the users already inside Conctacts plus further 200 telephone numbers, alarm management and NAC function (signal for attempted use clip function by a non-authorized user).

Programming is made through web interface, app, PC with MyComManager software or SMS. Lighting signals for conversation status indications, relay activation, subscription to telephone net, signal intensity. To be completed with AB20 or AB21, depending on the number of calls to use.

Out of production.

Replaced with art. AB4G in 4G technology (click here for info)
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Audio module Alba 3G - AB3G


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Do you know that MyCom is 3G? 


material: anodized aluminium
colour: grey
button number: up to 4
LED signaling: yes
modular: yes


system status: yes


supply voltage: 13 Vac or 24 Vac/Vdc


height cm. 9.1
width cm. 9.9
depth cm. 3.7
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