Gateway module that interfaces the Duo system to the IP world, expanding its functionality.

Among the features: it allows to forward the video call to user's mobile phone, talk with the visitor and control the access even remotely without limits of distances. The system is based on the Farfisa cloud service developed specifically to make installation, use and maintenance of the system as simple as possible. The gateway can be used not only for single-family installations, but also within one or more apartments of a multi-family system or as a shared device between all the apartments of the same system; in all cases the availability of an Internet connection, wired or wireless, is required. Each user can associate multiple mobile devices (Smartphone or Tablet) which will therefore activate simultaneously with the arrival of the call; only the user who first answers the call will be able to talk to the visitor and open the lock. The system also integrates the video memory function. The IPWAY CLOUD application is available for both Android and iOS systems in the respective stores.

The GW2IP gateway can be powered either via the DUO bus or separately with a local power supply. In the latter case, when sizing the system, it is necessary to take into account a certain current draw from the bus for the video section as shown in the technical specifications below. The container can be installed on a DIN bar (9 modules).

The possibility to use the GW2IP in multi-user systems is linked to the purchase of the 1US/GW2IP, service to add a house-unit (Duo System user) to the gateway. Each gateway can manage up to a maximum of 50 houses-units. If an installation has more than 50 apartments, several gateway modules can be installed in parallel.

instruction manual
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Gateway interface Duo System-IP -GW2IP




WiFi connection 

Configuration of GW2IP and invitation of new users 


working temperature range: 0/40°C


actuator activation: Yes
auto switch-on activation: Yes
video modulator activation: Yes
video memory: Yes


supply voltage: from the DUO bus or 12Vca
max current consumption: 8W


height cm. 6
width cm. 16
depth cm. 9
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