Digital keypad module of Alba range. It allows to call the internal unit through the coding of the corresponding number and door opening through reserved code. Stand alone for access control, the module can be combined in Duo Systems with display module, CA2124AB audio module or CV2124AB audio-video module or combined with myCom AB3G moduleThe selection if standalone or combined with Duo or myCom module is to be made easily through jumper. Backlit module with white high readability LED's, PD2100AB includes high visibility big buttons.

Supplied with 2 relays on board, it manages up to 1000 codes each relay. If it is combined with Duo audio or audio-video module, it allows to manage the 2 internal relays and even other Alba modules and can enable even remote relays (for example art. 2281Q). If the module is combined with XE2921, the keypad can use a system clock: access control functions can be timed.

Manual or via Bluetooth programming (XE2920 or XE2921 is required).

Power: through external power supply or through Alba bus if it is in composition (self-power). Selection of one of these 2 power ways can be easily made through jumper.

As for Duo System, it manages "Duo plus", therefore it can be used as main door panel on 20000 users installations with 250 m as max distance between external and internal stations.

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Digital keypad module Alba -PD2100AB




Do you know that security is flexible? 

Do you know that Duo manages "alias" function? 


material: aluminium
wall mounting: yes
flush mounting: yes
colour: grey
button number: 12
LED signaling: yes
IP degree: 55
working temperature range: -25° / +50°C
back-lighting colour: white
actuactions number: 6


actuator activation: yes
home automation function: yes
door opening confirmation: yes
system status: yes
door opening button: yes


supply voltage: 13 Vca or Alba bus


height cm. 9.9
width cm. 9.1
depth cm. 0.9
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