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The solidity of the historic company, the family strength, the reliability of the team, the unchanged passion for the territory: we have been here for 56 years and we are renewing ourselves every time.
Farfisa. Continuity of Solutions.
Alberto Cupido - CEO
We deliver to Italy and abroad reliable and durable products, that combine innovation, design, accessibility and ease of installation, disseminating characteristic values of our brand as a commitment, trust and quality.
Farfisa. Continuity of Solutions.
Giuseppe Violini - General Manager
>> Farfisa: the years,
the people, the milestones
Farfisa Intercom was founded in 1967 as an internal division of the legendary company Farfisa musical instruments, protagonist in the history of Beat and Rock music worldwide.

The Intercom Division, thanks to the very high internal technical skills, to innovation that was breathed daily, to the know-how also for services and exports, enjoys great successes. In 1993 it becomes independent, therefore it has a company name autonomous, but maintains the brand.
>> Historical video RAI / 1977
>> Farfisa:
the shapes of the brand
Getting closer to the history of Farfisa, recognizing its inexplicable and indescribable value, welcoming its power, the challenges won but also its excesses, refreshing the place of the company in the territory and in the imaginary of the district.

This and much more led us to conceive, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary in 2017, a new Farfisa logo, revisited in a modern key and which offers a personal and very decisive identity.
>> The Farfisa product,
evolving technology
Farfisa is among the first to bring technology into homes around the world intercom.

Our industrial history is a path that travels – through the products – the evolution of our relationships, shapes and customs, transforming our habits.

We tell the times.
>> The 2000s
  • >> ASTRO

    2022 - Astro / the functional design
  • >> HERO

    2020 - HERO / Noble technology, advanced force
  • >> SETTE

    2019 - Sette / ITALIAN VIEW
  • >> ALBA

    2017 - Alba / Full Performances New modules/new functions
>> The 90s
  • >> SCUDO

    1990 - Scudo / the first Home Automation product

    1995 - Puntovirgola / Play with design!
  • >> PROJECT

    1997 - Project / colour comes to video door entry system
>> The 80s
  • >> PDX3000

    1987 – PDX3000 / the first digital exchanger in Italy

    1988 - FARPHONE / the first patented 2-wire intercommunicating intercom system
>> The 70s
  • >> SERIE 280

    1975 - SERIE 280 / the first videointercom
  • >> TSL

    1977 - TSL / the first intercommunicating device
>> The 60s
  • >> SERIE 200

    1967 - SERIE 200 / the first intercom
  • >> PMX80

    1968 PMX80 / the first door keeper exchanger
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