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Access Security
Products, UK


Raicom, Sud Africa

Jim Foster speaks:
How long do you cooperate with Farfisa?
At Access Security Products we have over 15 years of technical experience with Farfisa products. This makes us fully equipped to lead the UK market in the supply and support of Farfisa products and installation partners.
What’s the position of Farfisa into UK door entry market?
With many intercoms on the market, our team are often asked about our recommendations and why we choose certain brands over others. We acknowledge the range of high-quality brands already out there, however we find that Farfisa is more than capible of matching and exceeding most of the enquiries we get which can range from single entry system to multi entrance apartment blocks. In terms of features the latest offerings from Farfisa are impressive and at a pricepoint thats on point.
Can you describe Farfisa products comparing to other brands?
What we really like about Farfisa products is that they are not only stylish but they have remarkable functionality. Alba, for example, is a range of door entry panels that is elegant and flexible with various capabilities and options. The enhanced technology behind the products is impressive and Farfisa’s openess to feedback has resulted in many additions that really fit our market. Although other brand names are maybe more familiar in the UK, we believe that the Farfisa Alba range is exceptional modular range which includes physical call button and/or digital calling, audio and/or video entry, with enhanced Bluetooth programming which means that Alba offers the best technology unmatched by its rivals.
With the inclusion of Farfisa’s cloud and IP gateway, calls can be forwarded to smart devices with ease. Because Farfisa has its own cloud, call times to the end users are faster and of higher quality. The Alba range also offers GSM audio calling when cabling is unavailable. For installers, all the Farfisa DUO systems run as true 2wire BUS systems reducing the need for recabling in most cases. The addition of Bluetooth capabilities enables the user to programme the system with their phone, add timed access control profiles and even open the door with the latest Smart Access ensuring a COVID-19 safe environment. The Farfisa Alba range, when compared to others, offers savings that you would not believe possible from a system that offers so much.
What are next project with Farfisa?
We are excited about getting Farfisa’s name out there in the UK market. Despite the quality of the products such as the Alba and Hero ranges, Farfisa is a lesser known brand in the UK. We aim to change that so watch this space!
In general, what is your opinion about Farfisa Corporate,your relationship with them?
We have a great working relationship with Farfisa Coporate. If we have any queries we only need send an email or pick up the phone and likewise, all members of the Farfisa team know they can contact us any time. This is why we are proud to be leading the UK supply of Farfisa products. We know we have the full support of Farfisa Corporate and their values match ours – to supply quality products and aftersales support to our clients.

Access Security Products, UK
Andrzej Schober speaks:
How long do you co-operate with Farfisa?
Our collaboration with the Farfisa company dates back to the 90s, we have been cooperaiting for over 20 years.
Why do you choose Farfisa?
Farfisa is one of the leading intercom producers in the world. We are sure that products are solid, well-tested and produced in high standards. In our opinion, the main and sufficent reasons that speak for Farfisa are quality, esthetics and functionality. Innovative ideas of the company, good relations with people and great technical support make Farfisa a great choice.
Which are the next projects with Farfisa?
Since Farfisa has introduced Solvo and Alba door stations, 7” Sette monitors and Bluetooth technology to the DUO System we are able to compete with other producers on very tough market. Constant development and new solutions help us to be present in big projects which are realized in Poland. Now Farfisa solutions are taken into consideration by investors and developers as the reasonable alternative to other producers.
In general, what is your opinion about Farfisa corporate, people, products?
It has always been positive, however, to be honest the cooperation has positively changed for last 3 years, when Farfisa has changed its approach to the market, they both started to listen to actual demands and try to meet the requirements by introducing new products which are competitive and attractive to customers. Moreover, Farfisa has changed their policy towards all prospect customers, the new website, newsletters , movies highlighting new features of releasing products, it all makes the offer more attractive. Permanent assistance in preparing new offers and the technical support make the new standards in cooperation with Farfisa.

Alpol, Polonia
George Phillips speaks:
How long do you co-operate with Farfisa?
It was 1995 at a show in Birmingham, when we first met Eng. Armando Cupido and his team. The intercom equipment that we were shown was very modern for its time, lollipop or ice cream scoop style handsets , you either loved or hated them. We were looking for a conservative style handset that would please everyone. The following year, thanks to Eng. E Sgreccia, the “Project Series” handset was introduced, we loved the style and knew that they would be suitable for our South African market. We placed our first order in June 1996.
Why choose the Farfisa Brand?
The Beginning - 25 years ago
My visit to IFSEC Birmingham was to look for a suitable European intercom manufacturer that was not already represented in South Africa. I was looking for an intercom product line with versatility, a line of intercoms that offers features like intercommunicating service, modular door stations, Handset accessories, extra pushbuttons indicator lights etc, while this might be a norm for European intercoms, this was not so from some Asian products that were then being Installed in South Africa. I was tired of seeing holes drilled in Handsets to fit switches and LED indicator lights. I was pleased to find that FARFISA offered all of these features as standard. You need to consider that 25 years ago with Versatility come more wires! Our technically challenged customer base, did complain about the number of wires and even after extensive training, we were constantly being called to site to help resolve installation problems. We solved the problem by supplying “as is” wiring diagrams and Building labelled Distribution boards. Our installer base now happy with this as it saves them a lot of time and they can present a neat professional installation to their client.
Farfisa Present day –
The 2 wire technology has revolutionised our market, we and our customers are so happy with all the features that the Duo product has to offer. Our customers say that they have cut their installation time in half, and that it is wonderful to be able to connect the 2 wires any which way, and know that the system will still work perfectly!
In general, what is your opinion about Farfisa Corporate, your relationship with the team?
We at Raicom pride ourselves in being able to supply good advice, we quote with confidence knowing that we have full support from Farfisa which has been outstanding! We are situated far away at the other end of Africa but with modern communication technology we are so close! I know that at virtually any time, we can call our friend Andrea and all the staff for all the technical advise we need. I say Friend because these people have been with the company for many years! Some of them have worked there from the time we started trading 25 years ago. Its a lifetime in the business of selling Farfisa intercoms, which we enjoy very much. We love Farfisa!
What are your next projects with Farfisa?
We have many projects due for completion this year and hope that the pandemic will not affect us as badly as it did last year. Amongst the projects in hand, we point out: upmarket housing estate using Duo video: 87 apartments using Duo audio to PDX2000 concierge in the security office + upmarket 24 apartments using Duo with lift control where the lift opens directly into the apartment.

Raicom, Sud Africa
George Thanelas speaks:
how long do you co-operate with Farfisa?
Our cooperation started in 2011. Till now we have implemented many successful projects and our customers enjoy best the quality and experience of Farfisa products.
how do you define your relationship with Farfisa?
Our business relation with Farfisa consists of mutual trust, reliability and communication is all levels. Our support and the team spirit for both sides is one the keys of success.
why do you choose Farfisa products (AND Farfisa company)?
The decision to cooperate with Farfisa was based on their quality, reliability as well as their design, since they are European manufactured products with a sophisticated design, harmonized with the standards of our customers. In addition, the specialized knowledge and experience of the company were key factors of cooperation with Farfisa. Fast delivery of materials, absence of shortages and top-quality products are the main reasons to keep this cooperation alive and day by day establish the brand in consumer awareness.
how do you define the Greek market and the previsions of videointercom market?
The competition in the Greek market is high because major companies in the industry have entered products in their product range in mediocre quality, limited or promising capabilities, in low prices. It is a fact that the priority of consumers is the technical capabilities and services, the quality and of course the price range. In addition, the evolution of technology combined with the presence of smart technologies in our lives such as : Smart Home, Smart cities, Smart building necessitate the integration and cooperation of the video door entry system in specific platforms, which proves that the demand for these types off installations has been constantly increasing lately.
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