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Africa Swary Project Alexandria Egypt
Alexandria, Egypt

In Egypt, the growth in the construction / real estate market continues steadily. In particular, in the new large residential and commercial district in Alexandria (Egypt), 65 buildings are under construction! In detail, in May 2024 the first phase of construction was completed and involved 19 buildings with 60 apartments each, equipped with Farfisa intercom material.


The project

In a new large area outside Alexandria, the construction site of Swary project is being developed, a large and ambitious neighborhood, which in total involves the construction of 65 buildings including residential, commercial, business and services.


To be included in the list of suppliers of this huge complex, several requirements must be met, including ease of installation, ease of use, integrability, elegance and excellent quality/price ratio. The first phase of construction has been completed and has included 19 buildings with 60 apartments each, in which 2 main external stations coexist.


All the intercom equipment is Farfisa is supplied with 4+1 technology, in detail modular external stations of the Mody line were installed, elegant and easy to use and assemble, while for the internal stations the Project line was chosen, reliable and adaptable to any decor. The current choices do not preclude any future developments of updgrade from audio to video intercom.

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