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An interesting case that teaches how to improve the everyday life: a family living in a villa in Copenhagen during their renovating, asked for new functionalities of their intercom installation: transformation and innovation are the watchwords!


The project
During the renovation of their house, a family requires several new features from the intercom system. Transformation and innovation are essential for the next access control system.
The place had no particular problems related to technology or distances, only they are required: simplicity in the transformation from audio system to video, elegance in the choice of products, excellent functionality, user friendly use and reliability of the app with which the family can also remotely via smartphone control access.
All requests and possibilities are evaluated and the choice falls on the Duo System technology and with the selection of the Alba external unit with proximity reader and ZHero internal units models ZH1252. Through the installation of the gateway module, the resident family can remotely control the accesses through the smartphone with the Duo System app. A keyboard is also mounted on the outside so that through a code, the gate can be opened from the outside.
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