"notouch/nocovid" Solutions

For access control, we have conceived some solutions that allow for the adaptation to the times of Covid-19 of a daily life in safety, thus avoiding coming into contact with handles, frames, buttons, bells and so on. In this way it is possible to open and manage the gates with the necessary security both from the point of view of user-visitor management and at the hygienic-sanitary level.

Farfisa has always offered in its catalogue a line of proximity readers, with various aesthetic lines, materials, characteristics and performances, often recommended for access to large communities, even for timed access and personalized entrances. The most recent and advanced model is the FP51AB (for more info, click here)

Today Farfisa proposes in terms of containing the pandemic, therefore in line with the global directives to avoid coming into contact with common surfaces, two proposals for smartphone applications: Farfisa Smart Access and Farfisa Smart Dial, which can be downloaded for free for Android and Apple systems. Both communicate from the mobile phone via Bluetooth with the Farfisa Alba or Hero series external unit, to be integrated with the XE2922 expansion board.

The Smart Access app allows you to open the door - as an enabled user - by touching the screen or by using a personal code on the virtual keyboard on the mobile phone. The Smart Dial app, on the other hand, acts as a virtual external unit, so it replaces the external panel and without touching it, the visitor will make the call to the internal unit, in fact he will select the chosen user from the keyboard that appears on his smartphone and will be connected to the keypad without having had contact. Two apps truly in line with market demand, which can be used simply, quickly and for free by anyone, always guaranteeing maximum security. For more information and documentation, click here

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