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The brand new Farfisa technology is called IP EVO, it is an IP solution dedicated to multi-user complexes that takes advantage of an innovative approach for the video door phone market, in order to respond to precise needs of the highest level from a functional and safety point of view.

The system is basically made up of the Connecto series entry door station (art. TD1000CNwhich communicates - through the dedicated IP EVO app - with smartphones, digital voice assistants and specific video intercoms.

The technology is based on the WebRTC protocol, expressly conceived for the best audio-video quality, in fact it offers various advantages that represent its absolute strengths:

  • very high quality of the video signal thanks to the 5MP camera
  • excellent audio, totally free of echo, delay or latency
  • top IT cybersecurity guaranteed
  • dedicated image encryption chip

Multiple access ways: IP EVO app, PIN code, QR (also temporary), RFID.

The pushbutton panel has a 316L stainless steel plate with flush mounting, 5Mpx camera, face focus, multilingual voice prompt. It is designed for mounting an RFID access control module, but also allows access via QR code or advanced systems such as NFC and Apple Wallet. It can be connected to the Internet through various modes: Ethernet or WiFi. In the near future, the totally "stand alone" version with LTe/4G connectivity will also be available.

But the revolution of this entry door panel definitely lies in the possibility for the installer or condominium administrator to add, remove and modify system users, modify the access PINs associated with the users or associate them with certain time slots or specific periods of time, conveniently and remotely through the IP EVO app. The possible applications are varied: large complexes such as student residences, residences and holiday homes...


Click HERE to download the IP EVO brochure

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