two wires Pluggy Plus

More and more!!

The Pluggy Plus 2-wire system is the fastest and safest way to have an excellent guaranteed video door phone system signed by Farfisa.

 It is the ideal solution for single-family systems: the Pluggy 1SEPG+ videokit is complete and ready for the installation, made up of high-level dedicated elements for top design, technology, usability and installation, without neglecting a valid solution for expandibility. The 1SEPG+ videokit consists of: monitor SEM7PG that is a 7" touch screen internal unit Wifi connected + external unit on Alba aesthetics + power supply, expandable up to 4 users!

The SEM7PG monitor on a new aesthetic with captivating design and Wifi connected, it is hands-free, with 7" LCD screen, menu interface with OSD, touch buttons and LED illuminated icons for door opening, conversation, intercommunication and additional functions. Signalling LED for open door and ringtone exclusion.

The external unit, also dedicated, is on the Alba aesthetic line with wide-angle camera, set up for up to 4 call buttons, offers a voice prompt that can be activated.

As integration within the apartment, in order to add further video door entry units as "slave" elements, it is necessary to use the SE7PG monitor (Sette aesthetic).

An audio handset is also available, the SEIPG intercom, an additional dedicated "slave" element, which allows the audio-only service inside an apartment of the system, allows the intercom inside the apartment.

COOL !! Beauty, now flexible with Pluggy!




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