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Our history.

The Constance of your solutions.

Farfisa is one of the first global players to bring intercom technology into homes around the world.
Farfisa Intercoms was born in 1967 indeed as an internal division of the legendary company Farfisa musical instruments, a protagonist in the history of Beat, Rock and Jazz music worldwide.
For 56 years we have been offering international markets products that simplify our daily lives and support our need for security with innovation, design, accessibility, ease of installation. An industrial epic that through technology continues to spread the values of Farfisa brand as a commitment, trust and quality.


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Now available the new Duo System technical manual

The new technical manual for the 2-wire digital Duo System is nowavailable.


Style, functions and ergonomics:

Farfisa, the culture of solutions.

Since 1967 we have been talking and working with thousands of partners operating in more than 60 countries around the world.
We produce technologies that enhance and protect the communication processes of millions of people, both in contract, residential, commercial and hospitality supply contexts.
Each product expresses a technological solidity and an aesthetic-functional harmony capable of integrating into any context of use and furnishing, guaranteeing an instinctive, simple, beautiful, intuitive, reliable usability and without ever giving up functional and constructive solutions that respond to the most widespread requests in terms of accessibility.

global voice.

Interviews with our partners

Technical and commercial support in "real time", training procedures, flexibility and ability to develop complex systems with a high degree of customization: the true voice of our international partners tell and report the pluses of the partnership with the Farfisa brand.
Farfisa actually operates as a close partner at all latitudes, a transparent and present organization that always responds personally with the utmost competence and punctuality to protect a great goal: mutual growth, solidity of solutions.


Hull,East Yorkshire, UK

We are in the UK, it is a video installation in renovation of a prestigious iconic Grade II listed building, with Duo System technology, composed of 2 Hero door panels, serving 55 apartments.  Each with a Zhero 4.3” video monitor, shared across 3 risers. Thank you to our UK distributor Access Security Products for the co-operation, presence, competence.


International Markets and
dedicated solutions

Problem solving and customization:working on international markets means real answers ready for technical and culture scenarios, different and specific for each case.

Starting from reliable, easy and meanwhile performing systems conceived for the installer, to user-friendly solutions for the end-user, up to customized “tailor-made” projects and big volume of delivery for the contract customer: all Farfisa technology is always a concrete answer, special for your ideas, your needs, your vision.

training, solving

Video-tutorials to parctically understand all Farfisa world; a video section “Do you know that…” to explore flexibility and function performance of our products; periodic NEWSLETTERS, that are a complete presence on the main SOCIAL MEDIA and short and effective SPOTS to be always updated on product news, technological upgrades and specific culture.

To partners and customers, Farfisa offers opportunities, relationship and growing through information and training: an evolved communication system, now dynamic and rich, ready to let you win every day.
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